first gen

And I'll Leech Seed You Into Submission

art bulbasaur first gen leech seed solar beam vine whip - 6014575872
Created by Unknown

Type Change

art starters first gen types - 6843277056
Via Gammertyme


bulbasaur first gen gifs starters the internets troll - 6459256320
Created by Unknown

Not Until Yellow Version Anyway

anime charizard comic first gen fly wings - 5993521920
Created by SkySceneRock

Pallet Town: Home Sweet Home

art best of week first gen pallet town - 5251667968
Created by Unknown

Real PokéMemes

Pokémemes first gen Memes - 6798151168
Created by EspNeon

Nobody Likes the Middle Evolutions

first gen rage comic Sad starters - 6565790464
Created by Unknown


black and white first gen foreshadowing gameplay - 6184888576
Created by Unknown

Remember When Pokémon Designs Were Original?

best of week Chart design fifth gen first gen Game Freak Pokémans Pokémon sarcasm - 5309175808
Created by PKtheHedgehog

PokeMemes' Purest Element

elements first gen Memes Pokémemes starters - 5551789824
Created by Mr._Giggles

A Response to the Genwunners

best of week comic first gen genwunners objection Rage Comics - 5961743872
Created by Unknown

Get In Mah Pants

collection commercial first gen gifs gotta catch em all tv-movies - 5879978240
Created by nicox5000

Translation: You're Doing It Wrong?

first gen toys-games translation wtf youre-doing-it-wrong - 5622649856
Created by gameleon

How I Feel About Kids Today

classic first gen Memes - 5873904896
Created by Unknown

Change is Good

first gen gen wars genluvvers genwunners the internets - 6355257600
Created by jdjlup

Charizard, I Jam With You!

charizard first gen guitar IRL Music - 5987994624
Created by Wiggin_Miller
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