If Pokémon Evolution Was Realistic

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Eeveelution Methods

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What to Do With a Metapod

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Evolution of Tomoko

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Gyarados Used Splash

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Talonflame is the Final Evolution of Fletchling

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How to Evolve Into Trevenant

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We Can Only Hope

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Yoshi Even Has Shinies

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Slowpoke and Shellder Were Meant to Be Together

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Press B Before It's Too Late

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Look How Far Pokémon Has Come in 20 Years

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Squirtle's True Evolution

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Created by francisverville
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Watch This Clever Animation Use Pokémon Logic to Explain Why Some Animals Never Evolve

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Used Nope Stone to Evolve

evolution nope tard Cats - 6823841536

Haters Never Evolve

Pokémon red evolution - 6847959040