Diglett Wednesday: You're Getting the Furniture Dirty!

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Diglett Wednesday: Diglett Goes Online

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The Cause of the 5.9 East Coast Earthquake Has Been Identified

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Diglett Wednesday: And How Did I Get Here?

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Diglett Wednesday: Diglett's True Form

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The Usual Suspect

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Diglett Wednesday: Can't Wait for Diglett to Appear in Pokken Tournament

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Diglett Wednesday: In Diglett We Trust

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Diglett Wednesday: Go Home Diglett, You're Drunk

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Diglett Wednesday: Trying to Catch a Diglett

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Diglett Wednesday: Woah, Diglett Really Can Show Up Anywhere

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Diglett Wednesday: Dat Ass

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Avengers, Roll Out!

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Diglett, How Do You Work?

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Diglett Wednesday: THEY'RE EVERYWHERE

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