Diglett Wednesday: Me on My Way to Steal Yo Girl

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Diglett Wednesday: Let's Get to Evolvin'

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Diglett's on an Adventure!

diglett adventure
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Diglett Wednesday: How Is That Even Possible?!

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Diglett Wednesday: What to Expect in Diglett's Cave

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Diglett Wednesday: He Was Almost Class President

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The Usual Suspect

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Diglett Wednesday: Evolution

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Diglett Wednesday: The Truth About Diglett

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Diglett Wednesday: Now Make Dugtrio

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Diglett Wednesday: How to See All of Diglett

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Bonus Diglett Wednesday: Diggity

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Diglett Wednesday: Evolving, If You Know What I Mean

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Diglett Wednesday: Diglett Pops Up Everywhere

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Diglett Wednesday: Diglett Has Some Gams!

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Diglett Wednesday: Such a Shame

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