Er Chers Yerrr!

best of week derp Ermahgerd meme Memes - 6336142848
Created by SapientChinaDoll

Gotta Derp 'Em All! (。々°)

Pokémon Fan Art derp - 8049129728
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via Aniforce )

Lerrt's Berrtle

derp i choose you the internets the olympics - 6493127936
Created by Unknown

Haunter Just Trolled

awesome derp haunter troll tv-movies tv show u mad - 5202758400
Via PokemonScreenshots

Derpachu, I Choose You!

Pokémon amiibo pikachu derp - 8410088192
Via 8-bit-daydream
Pokémon list Fan Art derp - 629765

OMG Look at These Adorable Derpy Pokémon

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We'll Never Know

derp pikachu pokedex pokemon logic rage comic - 6591951360
Created by Unknown

Guess I Can't Get That Item

best of week cyndaquil derp jump Memes pokemon logic - 5764662784
Created by Unknown

Mer Fravrit Sturter

derp Ermahgerd meme Memes Pokémon - 6372532224
Created by Unknown

A Whole New Word

derp girls the internets wordplay - 6049472256
Created by Unknown

Rarer Than a Shiny

derp drawings Pokémans shiny - 5492538368
Created by Unknown

So Much Derp

art derp - 6951907584
Created by Canada714 ( Via ShoelessCosmonaut )


alakazam confusion dafuq derp gameplay - 6095084544
Created by AmazingGamer

It's Super Effective

anime cubone cute derp pikachu tv-movies - 5678322432
Created by jpjr17

Ash, I Don't Even Know What to Say

ash anime derp - 7767236096
Created by Unknown

Didn't Realize It Till Just Now

bugs Ermahgerd rage comic derp - 6767469056
Created by PictureLady