All the Girls I Hit On Have Oblivious

attract derp girls numel oblivious rage comic Rage Comics skitty - 5311703296

Didn't Realize It Till Just Now

bugs Ermahgerd rage comic derp - 6767469056
Created by PictureLady

Eye Choose You!

derp googly eyes i choose you pokemon cards toys-games - 6304487424
Created by wintercool612 ( Via wintercool612 )

Ash, I Don't Even Know What to Say

ash anime derp - 7767236096

Haunter Just Trolled

awesome derp haunter troll tv-movies tv show u mad - 5202758400
Via PokemonScreenshots

Mer Fravrit Sturter

derp Ermahgerd meme Memes Pokémon - 6372532224

We'll Never Know

derp pikachu pokedex pokemon logic rage comic - 6591951360

My Process for Everything

derp Pokémans slaking truant - 5638272256
Created by TheAntiVillain


video games geek Pokémon mega evolutions mega glalie googly eyes derp - 8347316480
Created by Mistersad

So Hurrrpy

derp dream world Memes - 6070679040

Derp Today, Gone Tomorrow

derp dunsparce Pokémans stunfisk - 5320207616
Created by Roman_Candle ( Via lifeskull.tumblr.com )
Pokémon list Fan Art derp - 629765

OMG Look at These Adorable Derpy Pokémon

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Lerrt's Berrtle

derp i choose you the internets the olympics - 6493127936

Guess I Can't Get That Item

best of week cyndaquil derp jump Memes pokemon logic - 5764662784

Gotta Derp Em All!

Pokémon Fan Art derp - 8053761536
Created by nbshark ( Via aniforce )


best of week derp meme Memes - 6304347648
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