It Doesn't Matter if Flareon Has No Moves

eeveelutions comics eevee flareon funny - 7514278656
Via earlgengar

The Kid Has a Point

Pokémon comics the gamer cat ps vita - 7131116800
Created by Travis_Touchdown ( Via The Gamer Cat )

Don't Ever Say Yes to Being This Guy's Friend

forever alone youngster joey comics - 7601851904
Created by someone

Food Pokémon Have Problems

Swirlix comics vanillite pokemon problems - 7652494848
Created by EvilLeprechaunPenguin ( Via elpp.biz )

Slowpoke and Shellder Were Meant to Be Together

shellder evolution comics slowpoke - 7317632000
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How a Pokémon Becomes Legendary

dorkly comics pinsir - 6871239936
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Being a Pokémon Completionist

pokedex Pokémon dorkly comics - 7245211904
Via Dorkly

Royal Disputes

art litleo comics tyrunt - 7801109504
Created by The_Krookodile ( Via Dragonith )

Nintendo Cornered the Handheld Market a Long Time Ago

comics handhelds gameboy nintendo ps vita - 7093880064
Via The Gamer Cat

Is it Better to Have Loved and Lost?

Battle scrafty comics - 7140876800
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Pokémon creepy comics apocalypse - 7670524672
Via Mister Hipp

Run Raichu Run

raichu comics cute - 7697961472
Created by Zorua

Prepare for the Genwunner Butthurt...

Pokémon comics - 7675479040
Created by Shadow

How to Get a (Girl)friend

Pokémon Pokeballs comics dating - 7610635520
Via Invisible Bread

We Understand You Wolverine

comics yveltal wolverine - 7801268480
Created by toxicsquall

An Onixceptable Pun

Pokémon comics puns - 7693477376
Via Epifex
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