Generation 7 is All Normal Type Legendary Pokémon

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Machoke, I Raised You Better Than This!

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How Was Your Pika-day?

Pokémon comics cute pikachu - 7731656704
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Either Way, They'll Get Our Money

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You Don't Like Pokémon? Goodbye 4eva

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This Really Will Change a Lot of Things

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The Forms of Love

Pokémon comics dafuq love ditto - 7784230912
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How Sky Battles Should Work

sky battles litleo comics fletchling - 7582703104
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How Educational....

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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot

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Eevee's New Eeveelution

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Catching a Real Pokémon is a Lot of Work

Pokémon comics funny - 7459909888
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The Nature of Genwunners

Pokémon genwunners comics - 7793415936
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Eggs in Eggs

eggs comics breeding - 7634728960
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Sylveon is So Cute, Let it In

sylveon comics fairy types - 7569531136

A Ferris Wheel Ride

Pokémon comics - 7485286144
Created by heisei24 ( Via wuzidan )
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