Victini is a Jerk

milotic sylveon comic victini - 7083014912
By Memeboy2 (Via TefoCero)

Steelix Is a Great Battler

Battle comic ho-oh steelix - 5209760512
Via FYeahPika

And They Are Leveling Up!

best of week comic daycare ditto eevee level up - 5293396736
By Dudster15

Sailor Used Fewer Roids!

comic game joke steroids - 5861995776
By RadycoolusX

Girl, I Was Not Singing to You

comic lol love rage romance Theme Song - 4935526400
By PaygeMawnster_Rawr

This is a Warning to Never Wake Snorlax

snorlax comic - 7083062528
Via DrawingNothing

What Happened to the Master Ball Cheat?

articuno catch comic PC pokeball - 4953186304
Via lilllymon.tumblr.com

Can't I Just Set it on Fire?

comic cut Exeggutor flareon - 4977032192
Via derekexcelcisor.tumblr.com

Not Until Yellow Version Anyway

anime charizard comic first gen fly wings - 5993521920
By SkySceneRock

Raikou's True Being

comic objection Pokémon Rage Comics raikou suicine - 5913920000
By Ryzzmac

Should Get One for Work

comic work - 5157398528
By HunterSgath

Seems Legit

anime comic seems legit TV tv-movies - 5617743872
By Unknown

I Like Surfing in Cave

arcanine Battle comic dewgong dive one does not simply - 6188357888
By Unknown

But How Do They Have Sex?

breeding comic egg Pokémon - 5372071168
By StongRadd

Hope To See You Again? How Morbid...

comic Pokeballs pokecenter professor oak - 4873116416
By Unknown

Better Not Do That

comic entei - 5296197888
Via ZombieIrish
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