Grind Magikarp, World Domination

Battle comic derp gyarados magikarp - 5451660288
Created by Orochimartyr

Stupid Truck

comic mew ss anne truck - 5199270912

We Always Have the Advantage!

comic type advantage - 7020124416

Scizor Sisters

bianca comic scizor - 6729973504
Via fyeahpokemonyuri

Trainer Tip

comic nicolas cage trainer tips - 5519183360
Created by BlankPoints

Edward Scyther Hands

comic Movie scyther the feels - 6432452864
Created by Touricorp

Bill's Perfect Pokemon

fusion bill comic - 7058879744
Via Fawn and Games

Infinite Rare Candies

best of week brawl in the family comic halloween rare candy - 5367713024
Created by -PYRO- ( Via Brawl In the Family )


Battle comic sandstorm seriously Y U NO - 5209740032
Via FYeahPika

Damn the Warmth

bed comic sleep slowbro spirit pokemon - 5040468480
Created by Shadow_Sun

Evolving Comes With Maturity

best of week bulbasaur charmander comic evolving - 5300212224
Created by Shado85

What Should Happen

comic IRL splash wailord - 6158149120

Great Pose!

pokemon snap pikachu Sad apples video games comic - 6662773504
Via Mare Odomo

Sorry, Bud

comic - 6659988224

Why Didn't the Trainers Fall Asleep?

anime Battle beedrill best of week comic sing trainers - 5921651456
Created by Unknown

Quick Ball, Quick Ball!

articuno comic IRL - 5850399232
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