E.V. the Eevee Explains EVs

comic eevee EVs training - 6596515584
Via AshTheGoblin

Diglett Wednesday: Diglett's Secret

diglett wednesday comic vanilluxe - 6678294272
Via pokesho

Now I Have All These Lillipup and Patrat

black and white 2 comic - 6388465408
By 123jerome

All Aboard the Self-Loathing Train

comic forever alone - 5953388288
By DDHyuugaman

That's Why She Has That Weird hair

beach comic hair hilda - 6361049344
By Hagaren08

Amon's Emotional Speech

cartoons comic zubats - 6147712000
By tveye363

Seems Legit

anime comic seems legit TV tv-movies - 5617743872
By Unknown

I Like Surfing in Cave

arcanine Battle comic dewgong dive one does not simply - 6188357888
By Unknown

But How Do They Have Sex?

breeding comic egg Pokémon - 5372071168
By StongRadd

Pokémon Dilemma

comic confusion dilemma pikachu - 6104199424
Via yuu-lin


ash badges comic gary oak - 6393955072
By Unknown

Took the Words Outta My Mouth

comic dumb jigglypuff Movie twilight - 5779720192
By alejandro17

Spread Eagle

cannot unsee comic flash super effective - 5794695424
By AgentShiver

We Always Have the Advantage!

comic type advantage - 7020124416
By Unknown

White Trainers Can't Jump

best of week comic Reframe - 5481001984
By JonahRamone

Take Notes Folks

bulbasaur comic pikachu president - 6291403520
By TheFifth
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