Ash Finally Caught Misty

ash comic cute misty pics pikachu shipping - 5873579776
Created by Unknown

This Explains So Much

bill bills-pc clefairy comic girls - 5273252608
Via LulzBox

And They Are Leveling Up!

best of week comic daycare ditto eevee level up - 5293396736
Created by Dudster15

I Was Gonna Buy Some Berries

berries comic mom money - 5509451776
Created by Unknown

Now Breed!

comic nidoking nidoqueen now kiss - 5609979904
Created by Homer J. Fry ( Via scrafty.tumblr.com )

Why Do We Even Have Trainers?

anime charizard comic pidgeot tv-movies you dont say - 5883754240
Created by Unknown

But How Do They Have Sex?

breeding comic egg Pokémon - 5372071168
Created by StongRadd

Raikou's True Being

comic objection Pokémon Rage Comics raikou suicine - 5913920000
Created by Ryzzmac

Please Don't Sue Me

pikachu comic - 6708493056
Created by theconvolt

Why Didn't the Trainers Fall Asleep?

anime Battle beedrill best of week comic sing trainers - 5921651456
Created by TheBrinz

It's Not Easy Being Samurott

comic funny Sad samurott - 7915617536
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Like Bringing a Gun to a Knifefight

Battle comic pokeball - 4876895232
Via Firman Productions

Bill Logic

anime ash bill comic - 6470029824
Created by Unknown

Mom Gets Some of Your Money Every Battle

berries comic futurama mom - 5908188928
Created by Ploopy11

Glad My Poké Flute Was in My Bag

best of week bus comic omg snorlax - 5645959936
Created by Unknown

Steelix Is a Great Battler

Battle comic ho-oh steelix - 5209760512
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