The Wrath of Zubat

comic meme Memes Star Trek zubat - 5303783680
Created by wardmart

You Heartless S.O.B. Pokéman!!!

best of week comic electrode onix self destruct - 5157562624
Created by HunterSgath

Why I'm Scared of Kadabra

comic kadabra pokedex scary - 5992496128
Created by Nidorina

A Great Nickname Until It Evolves

comic genius grimer nickname - 6493921792
Created by Perfect_Hatred

Scizor Sisters

bianca comic scizor - 6729973504
Via fyeahpokemonyuri

Ash Ke$hum

ash ketchum comic - 4884852736
Created by Unknown

Edward Scyther Hands

comic Movie scyther the feels - 6432452864
Created by Touricorp

And I Never Will

awesome bulbasaur charmander comic first gen forget squirtle - 5331773696
Created by Unknown

Why Can't We All Get Along?

all the gens comic flamewar meme Memes Pokémemes - 5513927424
Created by Diaboragon

Kids Have It Easy Nowadays

comic kids - 5340650496
Created by Jupenator

Watch Out, We Have a Haircut Over Here

comic dafuq gameplay lickitung - 5953768704
Created by matcarpes585

Old School Pokémans

1st gen best of week comic never forget old school Pokémans Rage Comics - 5160434688
Created by Officerawesomesauce

Oak Made a Huge Mistake

rare candy dorkly trick or treat comic - 6723444224
Via Dorkly

Now It's Explosion

comic explosion Koffing self destruct - 5540883200
Created by Unknown

Diglett Wednesday: Diglett Everywhere

bed comic diglett diglett wednesday meme - 6356706816
Via doormatt74

So That's Why He Looks Different

ash red gold comic - 6744714496
Created by 123jerome