Espurr Claus is Always Watching

christmas Pokémon espurr - 7950573056
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Twelve Days of Game Freak

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Merry Christmas from Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem

christmas kyurem reshiram zekrom - 7947604480
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Goldeen Girls

christmas - 6918956544
Created by SuperAsianMan

Trim the Antlers With Care

pokemon christmas xerneas fan art
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I Hope You Get Everything You Want for Christmas!

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Squirtleneck Sweater

cute christmas squirtle - 8587246080
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We Wish You a Merry Chumas

christmas Fan Art Pokémon pikachu - 7937513472
Created by DragonLordAce ( Via xBlossomxCherryx )

The Ultimate Ornament

christmas IRL - 5550537216
Created by LurpyHerpy

It's a Jirachi Christmas!

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Created by ChickenPaddy ( Via instert-name-here )
christmas Music Pokémon Video - 67253761

A Very Pokémon Christmas

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The REAL Reason

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Created by 63Meme

Diglett Wednesday: Thugtrio is Ready for Christmas

christmas IRL Pokémon - 7934694656
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christmas Pokémon - 67162113

12 Pokémon of Christmas!

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A Very ORAS Christmas

christmas mega sceptile Pokémon ORAS staryu mega evolution - 8408941568
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Red, Green, and White, Ready for the Season

christmas Fan Art gardevoir - 8590286080
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via azuma doguu )