She's My 4x Weakness

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Charmander Ain't Even Worried About It for a Sec

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Get That Tail!

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Never Leave Home Without Charmander

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Nature Doesn't Mean Anything, Love Your Pokémon All the Same

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Keep Calm and Pick a Starter

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Get Ready Guys, Cause Build-a-Bear Workshop Captured Our Hearts With Their Adorable New Charmander

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A Wild Encounter

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It's Not a Choice

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Can I Just Play the Game?

pokemon memes do you want to save
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From Your Auntie With Love...

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They Need a Mega Size

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Working at Silph Co.

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Don't Let This Little Fire Starter Start His Own Fire

pokemon memes charmander eevee made of leaves
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Who Turned the Lights On?

pokemon memes chamander hoothoot art
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You Can't Make Me Mature!

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