We Need Real Pokémon Nesting Dolls

Pokémon starters charmander squirtle pikachu bulbasaur - 7111730176
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Starter Pokémon: How-To

bulbasaur charmander IRL squirtle - 4914078208

Oh God, Why?!

charmander fletchling dickbutt - 8310408704
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Dear Lord...

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¿Charmsaur? ¿Bulbander?

wtf starters fire type charmander bulbasaur - 6658395648
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It'll Be Alright Cubone

art best of week charmander cubone cute hug super effective - 5536178432
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Poison Sting Sucks, Man!

Battle Champion charmander weedle - 4880528384
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Was Worth a Try, but It's Time to Get Back out There and Train till You're Ready Champ!

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Last Evolution Is a Little Too Realistic

charmander evolution Evolve realistic squirtle starters - 5259136512
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Damn, Starters, You're Looking Fierce

art bulbasaur charmander squirtle starters - 5095585280
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Is It Monday Already?

pokemon memes charmander tired gif
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Charmander, You Can Light My Fire

charmander fire IRL - 5118515200
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I Was Taught Not to Use the Word Failure

brock charmander fire starter Memes - 5587676928
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Don't Let This Little Fire Starter Start His Own Fire

pokemon memes charmander eevee made of leaves
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That Monday Morning Feeling

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