Don't Forget Your Dad on Father's Day

charmander fathers day feels - 5496965632
Created by Unknown

Get Outta Here With That Weak Ass Bubble

Via ruinedchildhood

Charmander's Halloween Costume

art best of week charmander costume cubone halloween trick or treat - 5281443328
Via GottaCatchEmAll

Too Much Super Training...

do you even lift EV training charmeleon charizard charmander - 8062949888
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom

Charmander, You Can Light My Fire

charmander fire IRL - 5118515200
Created by oreololcat
Pokémon videos charmander squirtle bulbasaur - 54656001

Pokémon Are Too Cute!

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Laundry Day!

charmander gengar Pokémon web comics - 7973402368
Created by psychospacecow ( Via ByronB )

Need a Light?

charmander IRL Pokémon starters - 5443954176
Created by chutzell

She's My 4x Weakness

charmander dating meme Memes starters - 6453704704
Created by Unknown

Remember Kids, Don't Use Charmander

lighter IRL charmander - 6760470272
Via thegaminglife
aww Pokémon toys charmander cute build a bear - 1222149

Get Ready Guys, Cause Build-a-Bear Workshop Captured Our Hearts With Their Adorable New Charmander

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IRL Evolution: Shameless

charmander IRL IRL evolution - 5178571008
Created by Unknown

Finally, a Wild Charmander

art awesome charmander IRL wild - 5907322112

Keep Calm and Pick a Starter

bulbasaur charmander first gen keep calm meme Memes squirtle starters - 6009490688
Created by Slamtackle ( Via SlamTackle )

Just Another Day on Cinnabar Island

ash ketchum charmander face swap - 4870914304
Created by Unknown
IRL charmander Video - 69930497

I Think This Trainer Got a Defective Charmander

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