Was Worth a Try, but It's Time to Get Back out There and Train till You're Ready Champ!

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bulbasaur burn charmander fire grass Pokémans - 5042485504
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Oh God, Why?!

charmander fletchling dickbutt - 8310408704
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Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Burning Bright

gifs art charmander - 6720400384
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Monday Cocktails: Fire Types

best of week charizard charmander charmeleon drinks fire types IRL shots - 5185574912
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I'm Scared

charmander Pokémon - 8003885824
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Say Hello to Starmander

charmander Pokémon starburst - 8458102784
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Go With the Flow

air charmander meme Memes swimming - 5219958784
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Charmander Doesn't Want to Be Domesticated

Pokémon Pokeballs comics charmander - 7722398720
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Close Enough...

Close Enough charmander funny - 7443763712
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Gengar Isn't Actually All That Scary

charmander gengar Pokémon web comics - 7960519424

S**tty Charmander Gets a Sprite

pokemon memes shtty charmander sprite
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The Very Best Birthday Cake

cake Pokémon IRL charmander - 8291693056
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You Think You Can Just Snap a Picture of Us?

best of week charmander gameplay nintendo 64 picture Pokémemes pokemon snap sassy - 5947118848
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Starter Pokémon: How-To

bulbasaur charmander IRL squirtle - 4914078208
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Remember Kids, Don't Use Charmander

lighter IRL charmander - 6760470272
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