Just Another Day on Cinnabar Island

ash ketchum charmander face swap - 4870914304
Created by Unknown

Was Worth a Try, but It's Time to Get Back out There and Train till You're Ready Champ!

Via zyguard

I Was Taught Not to Use the Word Failure

brock charmander fire starter Memes - 5587676928
Created by ImNotFunAtParties

I'd Take That Poor Charmander

ash charmander cute gifs rain Sad tv-movies - 5500888576
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

DJ Char Char

art best of week charmander cute dj move scratch the internets - 6402980352
Created by Unknown

Be Careful!

charmander meme professor oak - 6578329088
Created by Unknown

The Sweet Sound of the Pokémon Center Healing Machine

IRL charmander - 7761133568
Created by TropicalChickens
wtf charmander - 308484

The Saddest Charmander Strikes Again

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Choose Wisely

bulbasaur charmander choose wisely squirtle starters the internets - 6217359616
Created by Unknown

Starter Pokémon: How-To

bulbasaur charmander IRL squirtle - 4914078208
Created by Unknown

Charmander's Halloween Costume

art best of week charmander costume cubone halloween trick or treat - 5281443328
Via GottaCatchEmAll

It's Not So Hard Anymore

brock charmander rage comic Rage Comics - 5567182848
Created by Unknown

¿Charmsaur? ¿Bulbander?

wtf starters fire type charmander bulbasaur - 6658395648
Created by RayDenki

Working at Silph Co.

charmander rage comic Rage Comics super smash bros - 6411298560
Created by Unknown

It Will Definitely Keep You Warm

charmander IRL - 5047488256
Created by Unknown

Scumbag Gary

charmander gary Good Guy Greg Scumbag Steve squirtle starter pokemon - 4872207360
Created by LoquaciousT
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