The Music Gets Me in the Mood

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This Pokémon Battle is Ten Minutes Long but Entirely Worth Watching

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Beauty Used Doubleslap!

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By YakuzaDuragon

Why Are You Initiating the Battle?

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By mistysilverwolf

He Should Be Riding a Unicorn

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He Seems Lost

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Bubble Destruction

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The Lonely Life of a Pokémon Trainer

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Internet Explorer Crashed!

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By YangLi

A New Poké-Legend

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By xomisstoriox

I Was so Close

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By Guilherme.didi

It's Charizard All Over Again

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By FatherofGray

No Wonder He's Carrying a Hedge Trimmer Like That

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Biker Ernest Has a Soft Side

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One of the Main Problems With Gen 1

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Pokémon Games Deserve Even More Respect

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By Darverses