You Know an Intense Battle is About to Begin

battles mt-silver red - 7315281664
By Unknown

One of the Main Problems With Gen 1

Pokémon gen 1 battles - 7720222208
Via SilverBlastoise

Beauty Used Doubleslap!

gameplay battles doubleslap - 8101874432
By YakuzaDuragon

Maybe He Wants to Trick His Opponent

Pokémon tricks battles - 7999407872
By Guilherme.didi

Gogoat's Attack Missed!

gogoat Memes battles funny - 7512625920
By jason.e.urbano

Wrong Neighborhood Indeed...

Pokémon gameplay battles froakie - 7563089408
By CutieFennekin
battles tricks Pokémon shedinja videos - 59448065

This Pokémon Battle is Ten Minutes Long but Entirely Worth Watching

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Internet Explorer Crashed!

firefox battles internet explorer - 6935923712
By YangLi

So, Aegislash Got Banned

smogon battles aegislash - 8276197120
By MegaManLight

He Should Be Riding a Unicorn

kim jong-un Pokémon North Korea battles - 7268364032
By Unknown

Stop Making Me Freaking Miss!

sand attack battles - 7374221056
By Unknown

Dewgong's Strategy

battles dewgong - 7323752960
By Unknown

Why Are You Initiating the Battle?

Pokémon battles wat - 8445471232
By mistysilverwolf

A New Poké-Legend

Pokémon pachirisu battles VGC - 8291586304
By xomisstoriox

Don't Lose Hope

battles - 8492982784
See all captions By Unknown

Petilil Trolling Trainers

battles gameplay - 7887851008
By Boby2.0
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