The Music Gets Me in the Mood

battles lavender town meme Memes - 5790022656
See all captions By AgentShiver

Where's Your Childhood Now?

Pokémon gifs childhood battles weedle - 7605107200
By ZeroNightmareX6

Doesn't Matter, Got Experience

experience comics battles audino - 7348870912
Via chary9

Don't Lose Hope

battles - 8492982784
See all captions By Unknown

Getting Your Priorities Straight

Pokémon brave bird gifs battles - 8110583296
By Bamboozaler

It's Charizard All Over Again

talonflame gameplay battles stealth rock - 7563447552
By FatherofGray

Diglett Wednesday: Dragonite Epicly Misses Diglett

animation battles diglett fly dragonite - 8312433920
Via dada_

Pokémon Horde Mode

horde mode Pokémon gameplay battles - 7564540160
By PokeyMew

Why Brock Keeps His Eyes Closed

brock Pokémon anime battles - 7266435328
By Unknown
anime battles Video - 75763457

Anime Battles VS Game Battles

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Normal Pokémon Play Vs. Smogon Competitive Play

battles smogon Pokémon - 7960521472
By Unknown

Bubble Destruction

IRL battles animals - 7086655488
By IzAMeowcat (Via Pistol Shrimp)

How Very, Very Useful

Pokémon growl battles leer - 7530723328
By Unknown

So, Aegislash Got Banned

smogon battles aegislash - 8276197120
By MegaManLight

A New Poké-Legend

Pokémon pachirisu battles VGC - 8291586304
By xomisstoriox

Fack You Delibird!

dratini battles delibird - 7736679680
By Unknown
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