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Playing Pokémon X/Y? Don't Save in Lumiose City!

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Watch the Pokémon Generations Trailer and Gain New Insights on Timeless Moments from Iconic Moments in the Games

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Pokémon GO Community Is Torn Apart over Whether or Not an Articuno Legit Appeared in Ohio

Via Matt Covey

The Pokémon Company is Working on a Detective Game With Pikachu

Pokémon news pikachu video games Video Game Coverage - 7873976576
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Music IRL Video Game Coverage - 69764097

I Have Never so Badly Wanted to Go to the Symphony

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Pokémon Go to Feature Gyms, Trading Events, and Teams

pokemon go new details
Via VentureBeat
Pokémon news Video Game Coverage pokemon sun and moon pokemon battles video games nintendo - 849925

Nintendo Confirms These Seven New Pokémon Leaked Online for Pokémon Sun and Moon Are Legit!

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Pokémon GO Players In Tokyo Are In A Full-Fledged Lapras Panic

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E32014 Pokémon ORAS Video Video Game Coverage - 61664513

Here's the New Trailer for Pokémon ORAS

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The Upcoming Pikachu Game is Looking Real Creepy

Pokémon news gifs pikachu video games Video Game Coverage - 7864835840
Via Kotaku

Secret Bases Confirmed!

news ORAS Video Game Coverage - 8249288704
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Caring Gamers Are Committed to Making Harambe the Gorilla a Pokémon

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Pokémon video games Video Game Coverage pokemon sun and moon - 82851841

The Evolved Forms of the Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon Have Been Revealed!

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Meet Your New Pokémon Sun and Moon Legendaries, Solgaleo and Lunala

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Pokémon ORAS Video Video Game Coverage - 61737473

Here's a New Trailer for Pokémon ORAS

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Pokémon Video Game Coverage anime pokemon sun and moon emo funny - 1001989

The Internet Has Coined Dartrix the Edgy Emo Boy of the Pokémon World

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