You Activated My Football? Card!

TCG wat Pokémon Target - 8420228096
Via Brackner

Don't Want Any Gross Liquids on Them

life lesson TCG pokemon cards - 6870750208
Created by HeyAsh

My Cards Are Starting to Glitch

glitch missingno missingno. TCG the internets trading cards - 6494482944

Your Fourth Wall Is Meaningless

fourth wall legendary lugia TCG toys-games trading card game - 5932692992
Created by Ploopy11 ( Via Pokébeach )

Straight Ballas

kids IRL TCG pokemon cards funny - 7486243072

Dark Rai

darkrai TCG the internets - 6427703040
Created by Lucario
TCG Pokémon Video - 74978817

How Can He Get So Lucky? 3 EX's Out of 3 Packs!

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Remember When

nostalgia pokemon cards TCG toys-games - 6470758144
Created by ashereon

Misprint Pokémon Energy Card

Pokémon TCG you had one job - 7411299072
Created by HobblesMcHairflip

Seems Legit

bootleg stunfisk IRL TCG - 7168125696

The Pictures Shown on the Card for Skarmory, Lugia, and Ho-oh All Belong to the Same Image

ho-oh trading card game art TCG lugia skarmory - 7303122944
Via radkatz

All That EXP Gone to Waste

audino TCG toys-games trading cards - 6504048640
Created by David_the_Bored

I Don't Even Play With Energies!

gifs IRL Pokémon pokemon cards rage comic Rage Comics TCG - 5902137344

Woes of the Base Set Collector

pokémon card rage comic Rage Comics TCG - 6386405376
Created by elijahsfaith

This is the Best Official Pokémon Card Ever

Pokémon wtf slowking TCG trading cards - 8149255680
Via Bulbagarden


googly eyes TCG Pokémon lysandre - 8220559872
Via FoolTarot