The Pictures Shown on the Card for Skarmory, Lugia, and Ho-oh All Belong to the Same Image

ho-oh trading card game art TCG lugia skarmory - 7303122944
Via radkatz

But I Still Have Fun

Confession Bear meme Pokémon TCG trading card game - 6549973248
By Unknown

Didn't People Collect Pokémon Cards Just Cause They Looked Cool?

Battle IRL TCG nostalgia pokemon cards - 7414419968
By Unknown

Badass Rattata

art awesome meme Pokémemes rattata TCG - 5671854592
By Unknown

Bidoof Looking Fabulous

Pokémon TCG pokemon cards fabulous bidoof - 8399614208
Via Bidoof Card

Move Over GTS There's a New King of Crappy Trades

wtf GTS TCG legendaries trading - 7362301696
By The_Pudge

No, I Don't Have a Charmander! Go Fish!

Pokémon TCG pokemon cards ads - 7936255744
By Unknown

Real Life Energy

energy IRL pokemon cards TCG - 5747607808
By megustachu


googly eyes TCG Pokémon lysandre - 8220559872
Via FoolTarot

The Truth About the TCG

rage comic Rage Comics TCG trading card game - 6506255104
By Unknown

This is Too Easy

would you rather the internets charizard TCG money - 7317094400
By Unknown

An Awesome Use for All Your Extra Trainer Cards

IRL TCG vending machine - 7003741696
By Lame Pun Coon

The Very Best Friend Ever

facebook TCG Pokémon pokemon cards - 8030498816
By Unknown

Dark Rai

darkrai TCG the internets - 6427703040
By Unknown

Seems Legit

bootleg stunfisk IRL TCG - 7168125696
By Unknown

Pokémon TCG Designs

Pokémon art TCG designs - 7552806912
By Duckster18 (Via Duckster18GraphicArtist)
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