Ultimate Secret Base!

ORAS blissey secret base - 8389325824
By ArkenFlare
fan made Pokémon ORAS Video - 61488129

Pokémon ORAS Fan-made Intro

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ORAS tutorial - 66787841

DexNav Tutorial

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Wurmple Wednesday: String Shot Into Gold

ORAS wurmple - 8384655104
By Ancient_sun

So Close You Can Taste It

gaming Pokémon patrick star ORAS - 8377137920
Via another-pokemon-kid

Check Out the New ORAS Bundle With Special Transparent 2DS Models

Pokémon 2DS ORAS - 8327123968
Via Serebii


ORAS may - 8384640512
By Miss_Goku_lover

Swiggity Swooty I'm Stealth Walking for That Booty

gifs Pokémon ORAS swiggity swooty - 8356162560
Via edang1012
ORAS shinies Video mega evolution - 66499073

Check Out All 48 Shiny Mega Evolutions in ORAS

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wtf ORAS - 72151297

Maxie and Archie Have Been Working on Their Fitness

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Wild Waifu Appeared

ORAS - 8384733696
By Unknown

Secret Bases Confirmed!

news ORAS Video Game Coverage - 8249288704
By Unknown

I Can't Do This Anymore

video games South Park waiting ORAS - 8331366400
By ApplejackD4

My Life is Over

pokemon memes kyogre faints
Via eleanart-approved

Mega Camerupt and Mega Sharpedo Confirmed?

camerupt sharpedo team aqua ORAS team magma - 8311221504
By Unknown

Drake & Atom Groudon

ORAS mega evolutions - 8216167424
By atkthebrady
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