Your Floor May be Lava When He's Finished, But It'll be Real Clean!

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Sounds Like My Life

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15 Seconds of Fame

Pokémon ORAS - 8387885568
Created by DRCEQ

Primal Tuna Confirmed

Pokémon ORAS kyogre - 8353271040
Created by DeltaFlame

The Little Archie

Archie ORAS team aqua Fan Art The Little Mermaid - 8416707840
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That Lore Though

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Singapore Truly Knows the Pain

Pokémon ORAS too much water - 8389916928
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Wow, Shelly Has Some Awesome Facial Expressions

Pokémon ORAS shelly - 8384453376
Created by Spiderwebbe

Can't Wait to See a Tropius Hiding!

Pokémon ORAS tall grass pikachu - 8309057536
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Yes, Buying Sapphire is the Right Choice

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Wurmple Wednesday: String Shot Into Gold

ORAS wurmple - 8384655104
Created by Ancient_sun

I'm Just Sitting Here, Watching the World Burn

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Created by Mewtwo Ex

Yes, the Soil is Definitely Dry

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Reliving the Epic Chase in 3D

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Pokémon ORAS surf Video - 68999681

Using Surf in ORAS

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You Poor Lonely Fool

forever alone mega evolution ORAS - 8248695552
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom