Pokémon FAIL Video - 67179265

Failing to Catch a Shiny is Always Heartbreaking

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Pokémon FAIL pokemon go video game logic - 8966473216
By tamaleknight
FAIL Pokémon video games Video pokemon go - 81353729

Battling a Rattata in Pokémon GO Landed This Dude in a Pond

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I Could Have Caught Them All

video games geek feels FAIL pokeball misty - 8592876288
See all captions By Mamalugia

Chesnaught Comes From...

chesnaught FAIL unova - 8369752832
By bigpboy (Via Pokémon Center)

Looks Like the New Update to Pokémon GO Will Be Great for Donald Trump's Self Esteem

image pokemon go fail Looks Like the New Update to Pokémon GO Will Be Great for Donald Trump's Self Esteem
Via microbehawk

It Seems Like This School Poster Was Posted Just to Make Us Fans Upset

FAIL Pokémon school posters cringe - 8328381696
Via dbowl96

When You Don't Have the Money to Pay Pokémon Copyright, so You Just Make Pokémon of Your Own

Via bolczan

No Hydro Pump Needed Here

pokemon memes pikachu watering can i got this
FAIL Pokémon weather pokemon go - 81354753

It Doesn't Get Any More Pokémon GO than a News Anchor Walking Through Your Live Broadcast to Catch 'Em All

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Too Much WEEDle

gyarados FAIL mistakes weedle - 8321491712
By Unknown

The Absolute Worst

Via cyntheon

Wonder Trade Challenge Fail

FAIL bidoof wonder trade - 7870616832
By Nikole

I Don't Think That's Right...

Text - Pidgey Random Pidgeot Pidgey Random Random
By Unknown

Name Fail

wtf FAIL pikachu - 6207679232
By EpicKatt
Pokémon marriage FAIL funny - 1029893

Dude Accidentally Buys 3 Enormous Snorlaxes In Attempt to Surprise Wife, Proceeds to Hilariously Try to Sell Them After She Freaks Out

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