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The Curse of A Timelord Summed Up In One Painting

art rose tyler 10th doctor - 8090513664
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Billie Piper Blinked

billie piper dont-blink rose tyler weeping angels - 8157318144
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She Doesn't Need a Face to Act

rose tyler doctor who - 8019723264
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I'm Gonna Let You In

rose tyler gifs 10th doctor doctor who - 7613233920
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Everybody Love the Sonic

sonic screwdriver rose tyler 10th doctor - 8002633472
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Missing That Someone Special

rose tyler 10th doctor 11th Doctor River Song - 8405289472
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rose tyler 10th doctor regeneration - 61529601

If You Haven't Seen It, This Mini-Episode Brings a Lot of Context to The Christmas Invasion

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How To Date a Time Traveler

9th doctor christopher eccleston rose tyler - 8312441600
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The Doctor's Domestic Problems

10th doctor rose tyler - 8392036096
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He's a Captain of Time and Space

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We're All Rose At Heart

companion rose tyler clara oswin oswald - 8360270336
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We Got a Domestic Over Here

rose tyler 10th doctor oncoming storm - 8433530880
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Burning Up a Sun Just To Get Cell Reception

rose tyler 10th doctor bad wolf - 8283931136
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Timey Wimey Is Sometimes Sexy Wexy

rose tyler 10th doctor ship River Song - 8345739520
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Meryl Streep's Secret Confession

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