Doctor Who

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These Feels Will Break Both Your Hearts

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Billie Piper Blinked

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Oh Sure, Bring Him on Upstairs to My Room

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So I was chilling out in my local book store when I noticed this on the shelf...

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Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Relative Nature of Time and Space

10th doctor companions Fan Art rose tyler - 8030046208
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I'm Taking My Companion And Going Home

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The Baddest Wolf

rose tyler Fan Art doctor who - 7819857408
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Re-Send! You Have to Say It!

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It's The Source of All His Power

funny doctor who david tennant hair comic
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The Doctor and Rose Animation Test Is Too Cute

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Best Wishes for a Prosperous New Year!

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The Only Fangirl That Matters

rose tyler David Tennant 10th doctor Matt Smith 11th Doctor doctor who - 7828827392
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And now I run

rose tyler 11th Doctor - 8033072384
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This Faceless Rose is Even Creepier Than You Could Have Imagined

cosplay rose tyler doctor who - 7819834880
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Clara Is Best Companion

clara oswald rose tyler doctor who amy pond companion - 8067780096
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rose tyler scumbag doctor doctor who - 7761497856
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