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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Let's Add a Nose Pun to the Who Pun

50th anniversary puns tom baker - 8163675136
Via awesometardisboy

Time Lord Pick Me Up

funny doctor who dalek coffee pot pun
Via The Doctor Who Hub

Just Don't Leave her on Too Long

rose tyler puns 9th doctor - 8196019456
Via itsliaison

What Made Silence Fall

tardis puns the silence - 8161028096
By Mistermascara (Via lorrannery)

A Brief History of Tea

puns 11th Doctor doctor who - 7621348864
By Unknown

This One Fixes the Problems the Other Won't

sonic screwdriver puns doctor who - 8491477248
By tamaleknight

The Two Best Bits of Day of the Doctor 3D

doctor who puns - 7920658944
By captndan

DALEK-table Looking Wedding Cake

dalek puns - 8539095808
By davidbyronhicks

Where's Peter Cup-aldi

doctor who David Tennant Matt Smith puns - 8168490240
Via Sher-Hotson

Dalek Archaeologists Ex-ca-vate, Ex-ca-vate

Via ToneCartoons


puns doctor who the master - 8118701056
By trollcave_08
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