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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

DALEK-table Looking Wedding Cake

dalek puns - 8539095808
By davidbyronhicks

A Dozen Roses: The Punniest Valentine's Gift

rose tyler puns doctor who Valentines day - 8070424320
Via CptRobotFace

Don't be Nervous; They Won't Remember a Thing

cosplay puns doctor who the silence - 7997559040
By Unknown

Why Is McCoy Afraid Of McGann?

classic who puns doctor who - 8002738432
By Xetramniz (Via Doctor-Who-and-the-TARDIS)

We're Having Fun

the doctor puns time travel - 8408584448
Via DoctorWhoFanz_

Just Dalek Things

Exterminate puns daleks - 8421438464
By Unknown

A Doctor of Many Colors

doctor who puns classic who - 7932739840
By S1MP50N (Via s1mp50n)

The Eleventh Doctor is Definitely Comic Sans

doctor who puns rory williams - 7968415744
By Unknown

What Made Silence Fall

tardis puns the silence - 8161028096
By Mistermascara (Via lorrannery)

Let's Add a Nose Pun to the Who Pun

50th anniversary puns tom baker - 8163675136
Via awesometardisboy

Just Don't Leave her on Too Long

rose tyler puns 9th doctor - 8196019456
Via itsliaison

These Jokes Need to Branch Out

doctor who puns - 8361026304
By jazzbaritone

Dalek Archaeologists Ex-ca-vate, Ex-ca-vate

Via ToneCartoons

It's The American Timelord Dream

David Tennant 10th doctor puns - 8111451648
Via Doctor Who and the TARDIS

The Grossest Candy Is The Coolest Hat

puns FEZ doctor who - 8147668224
Via stealatimelord

From The Planet Galifrey, In The Galaxy Kasterborous

10th doctor puns oncoming storm - 8178797056
Via cheshirethings
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