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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

A Brief History of Tea

puns 11th Doctor doctor who - 7621348864
By Unknown

All HAY, Dalek Supreme

daleks puns - 8356996352
By anselmbe

It Certainly Won't Exterminate the Flavor

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Via donthatethegeek

He Hasn't Aged a Day!

puns david bowie - 7840716288
By Unknown

THIS is the Song of Your People?

Music puns doctor who ood - 7764312320
By Unknown

We're Having Fun

the doctor puns time travel - 8408584448
Via DoctorWhoFanz_

Sweet Tea, I'm Home. Honey?

11th Doctor doctor who puns tea - 7919392768
By PCWOverlord

The Dalek Lama

dalek tshirts puns - 8134324992
By wearviral (Via Wear Viral)

Sometimes People Don't Participate In The Joke

doctor who puns - 8175077888
Via Whovians

Hillbilly Daleks Are Surprisingly Non-Violent

puns daleks - 8178844416
Via melloblaziken

Christopher Lloyd Has Never Been More Terrifying

weeping angels puns - 8029345792
By darklordofthefluff (Via

Master Card

puns doctor who the master - 7802850304
By Unknown

Exterminate my Ovaries

puns pick-up lines doctor who - 6970145792
By trollytrain

Less Magician, More Minimalist

12th Doctor puns - 8324920832
Via doctorwhoblog

Tom Baker Puns

classic who puns tom baker - 8067803648
By Unknown

Don't Get Evicted!

David Tennant 10th doctor puns - 7635081984
By Unknown
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