Doctor Who


Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.


tardis puns doctor who - 6908081408
Created by Nobody-

All HAY, Dalek Supreme

daleks puns - 8356996352
Created by anselmbe

Less Magician, More Minimalist

12th Doctor puns - 8324920832
Via doctorwhoblog

Use Sparingly!

10th doctor puns doctor who - 7846098688

Exterminate The Sleepies!

tshirts puns daleks coffee - 8237747456
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Slippery When Wet

tshirts puns the silence - 8379984896
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Doctor Who!?

the doctor puns owls regeneration - 8277783808
Via We Heart It

Master Card

puns doctor who the master - 7802850304

DALEK-table Looking Wedding Cake

dalek puns - 8539095808
Created by davidbyronhicks

The Most Peaceful Dalek

daleks puns - 8364295168
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Tom Baker Makes The Best Cat Puns

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He's a Man of Many Colors

Via pouty_pleb

This One Fixes the Problems the Other Won't

sonic screwdriver puns doctor who - 8491477248
Created by tamaleknight

Don't Get Evicted!

David Tennant 10th doctor puns - 7635081984

So I Take It You Want Cake For Dessert Then Doctor

puns 12th Doctor - 8297835520
Created by AngelAndz

From The Planet Galifrey, In The Galaxy Kasterborous

10th doctor puns oncoming storm - 8178797056
Via cheshirethings
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