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Not Her Best Look

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The Impossible Girl and Her Impossible Ladder

clara oswin oswald Fan Art tardis - 8104487936
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David Buisan's Awesome Illustrated Posters For Doctor Who Series 8

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And That Is When The Doctor Decided To Take Clara To The Never Ending Coffee Planet

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A Little Eager, Clara?

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We Can't Stop, We Won't Stop

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It's Also The Standard Time Travel Paradox

12th Doctor Steven Moffat clara oswin oswald - 8328174336
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Jenna Coleman and The Tin TARDIS

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Clara: Queen of Social Media

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Is He Mad or Is He Right?

12th Doctor clara oswin oswald - 8306553600
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We All Wanted a Female Doctor

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12th Doctor and Clara

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Who Has The Advantage

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She Called The Best Helpline In The Universe

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9 Out of 10 Doctors Agree

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We're All Rose At Heart

companion rose tyler clara oswin oswald - 8360270336
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