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finale trailers clara oswin oswald 12th Doctor - 65672449

Amazing Fan Trailer For The Series 8 Finale

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Clara's a Bit Naughty in Her Time Travel

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It's Not Magic or Anything

12th Doctor tardis clara oswin oswald - 8324351488
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Clara's Been Breaking The Rules From The Get-Go

clara oswin oswald tardis bigger on the inside - 8365377024
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clara oswin oswald animation 12th Doctor - 63195905

The Doctor Gets Animated

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It's Always The Sonic

clara oswin oswald sonic screwdriver 12th Doctor - 8322242304
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That Language Must Be Ancient If The TARDIS Doesn't Know It

beaker clara oswin oswald muppets - 8137725184
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Clara: Queen of Social Media

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The May Shoot Him Dead, But The Moral High Ground Is His

guns clara oswin oswald 12th Doctor - 8320947200
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They Have One True Love

tumblr clara oswin oswald missy - 8354082816
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A Little Eager, Clara?

clara oswin oswald danny pink dating - 8320281088
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I Still Think The Doctor's Gonna Win This On

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11th Doctor clara oswin oswald - 60407809

Clara Gordon

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Yeah, But Where Do You Get The Eggs?

Fan Art clara oswin oswald - 8242784000
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Doctoring 101

the doctor clara oswin oswald - 8352350464
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Doctor Who Magazine's Cover Star

clara oswin oswald jenna-louise coleman cover - 8415521792
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