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Riddles Are Hard

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clara oswin oswald opening - 67383809

Clara's 'Death in Heaven' Intro Gets Upgraded

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Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez Caught On Set In Spain

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Time Traveling All Looks The Same

11th Doctor back to the future clara oswin oswald - 8375531008
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Old Makeup Is The Newest Christmas Tradition

clara oswin oswald christmas special 11th Doctor - 8419416832
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Dropped My Last Doctor In Water, Now I Need All Your Contact Information Again

clara oswin oswald 12th Doctor 11th Doctor - 8152265728
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Doctor Who Magazine's Cover Star

clara oswin oswald jenna-louise coleman cover - 8415521792
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Leap of Faith

clara oswin oswald geronimo 11th Doctor - 8379988224
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Dangitt Moffat

clara oswin oswald Steven Moffat - 8369437696
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Yet Another Rumor That Jenna Coleman is Leaving 'Doctor Who', This Time to Play Queen Victoria

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clara oswin oswald animation 12th Doctor - 63195905

The Doctor Gets Animated

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Nothing Better Than Shrubbery

clara oswin oswald 12th Doctor - 8345729280
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I Don't Just Go Anywhere

12th Doctor clara oswin oswald - 8360409856
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If Jenna Coleman Chose To Leave

clara oswin oswald christmas special jenna-louise coleman 12th Doctor - 8414607616
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Let's Hope She Has, Bananas Are Good

12th Doctor banana clara oswin oswald - 8346665728
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12th Doctor and Clara

clara oswin oswald Fan Art 12th Doctor - 7730590976
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