Doctor Who

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Who Has The Advantage

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Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez Caught On Set In Spain

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Clara's a Good Teacher

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The Doctor Gets Animated

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Doctor Who World Tour Begins In Cardiff

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Why Do Think It Plays on Christmas?

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Still Not a Ginger

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I Still Think The Doctor's Gonna Win This On

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I'm Going To Need To Hide My Face Pretty Soon, Too

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Someday, Doctor, Someday

ginger clara oswin oswald 12th Doctor 11th Doctor - 8310224640
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It's Not Magic or Anything

12th Doctor tardis clara oswin oswald - 8324351488
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Clara Was Born To Be a T-Shirt

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Kill the Moon

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Dangitt Moffat

clara oswin oswald Steven Moffat - 8369437696
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The Clip From The Finale Trailer That Has Everyone Freaking Out

finale clara oswin oswald gifs - 8371331840
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