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This Guy is Living the Life

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A Man's Home is His Castle

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Created by tamaleknight

Can't Argue With That Business Plan

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Created by DRCEQ

Sam Simon, Co-Creator of the Simpsons, Has Passed Away

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Please Won't You be My Neighbor

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I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

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Created by tamaleknight
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What If Homer Has Just Been in a Coma Since 1993

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What Are You Talking About? Those are Japanese Donuts

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Created by maorows ( Via chadrocco )
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If You Haven't Yet Felt Like You Were on Drugs Today, Watch the Pixelated Simpsons

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It's Okay to be Okay

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Every Country Has That One Friend

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Created by DRCEQ

Can't Tell If Fry or Homer

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Your Love for the Simpsons Will Never Run This Deep

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And That's How I Ended Up Watching Two Seasons of Teen Mom

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Simpsons are ‘Frozen’ in Christmas Couch Gag

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Homer Gets It

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Via The Simpsons Way of Life