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This Little Baby Has the Tiniest, Cutest Version of the Nelson Laugh From the Simpsons

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She Was an NPC, It Was a Scripted Part of the Plot

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Word of the day: Kalsarikännit

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Requiem for a Doughnut

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Me, Every Time I Find a New Show

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Street View This

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What Happened to the Simpsons? Why Does It Suck?

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There's No Way That's a Compliment

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Outing of the Day: Mr. Smithers Might Finally Reveal His Secret on This Season of The Simpsons

Mr. Smithers might finally come out of the closet this season.
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This Simpsons Tribute is the Trippiest Thing You'll See Today

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Siblings, am I Right?

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Pig Patrol

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I Wonder What Makes It Turn

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That Looks Familiar

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Ding Dong Diddly Die

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