My Little Brony


There's a New King On Pride Rock

tirek lion king - 8193627904
Created by NaClson

“Love and Tolerance”

finale friendship is magic tirek - 8191749632
Created by Nicolas_M

Discord's Magic Is Mostly Annoying

discord tirek - 8192133632
Created by Unknown

Tirek Has Problems

decisions tirek - 8186924800
Created by NaClson

How Every Brony Felt Yesterday Morning

tirek - 8190879232
Created by DarthTUK
twilight sparkle tirek twilight's kingdom - 60985089

S4 Finale in a Nutshell

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The Princess of Destiny

tenacious d tirek - 8185153536
Created by No0neSpecial ( Via hieronymuswhite )

[friendships internally]

friendship discord tirek - 8184010240
Created by pixarpal95

Discord and the Six Ponies

discord snow white tirek - 8184005376
Created by Meowgon

Pretty Close

brony tirek - 8182710272
Created by Sephiroth1993

Tirek Doesn't Approve

old meme that's my pony tirek - 8185041664
Created by OFC_operator

Discord Looks as Hyped as All of Us Were for These Episodes

brony fandom discord tirek - 8183023104
Created by Alicia

Is This Not Why You Are Here!?

tirek - 8182462976
Created by ParadoxialEvent

Tirek: The Killer of Jokes

centaur puns tirek - 8184116480
Created by king_salacity

It Would Seem We are at an Impasse

epic Fan Art tirek twilight saprkle - 8183166720
Via huusii

Celestia Is Indoctrinated

princess celestia tirek - 8181311232
Created by KiloDel