My Little Brony


Discord and the Six Ponies

discord snow white tirek - 8184005376
By Meowgon

Pretty Close

brony tirek - 8182710272
By Sephiroth1993

Tirek Doesn't Approve

old meme that's my pony tirek - 8185041664
By OFC_operator

Discord Looks as Hyped as All of Us Were for These Episodes

brony fandom discord tirek - 8183023104
By Unknown

Is This Not Why You Are Here!?

tirek - 8182462976
By ParadoxialEvent

Tirek: The Killer of Jokes

centaur puns tirek - 8184116480
By king_salacity

It Would Seem We are at an Impasse

epic Fan Art tirek twilight saprkle - 8183166720
Via huusii

Celestia Is Indoctrinated

princess celestia tirek - 8181311232
By KiloDel

Most Epic Fight Scene Loop!

twilight sparkle tirek - 8181337600
By A-Flyer (Via Pony Forums)

Illuminati is Lizard People Not Centaurs

illuminati tirek - 8181553152
By spartan117andSully

Baboons Are Canon

MLP tirek - 8180206592
By Salix_Fatuus

Good Guy Tirek

finale tirek mlp season 4 - 8177722624
By spartan117andSully
finale mlp season 4 tirek - 60694785

Season 4 Finale Clip: Villain Turns Out To Be Tirek!

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tirek mlp season 4 - 60619521

Get To Know Your Villain: Who is Tirek?

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