My Little Brony


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Avengers: Age of Tirek

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The Power of Slaughter

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Via Myrandall

Once Halloween Is Over, Right?

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Created by Lord_Kloko

Lord Tirek Has Had Enough With The Spontaneous Pregnancies

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Created by Sephiroth1993

Tirek vs. ...Nobody?

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Created by MasterGraveheart

Maybe We Can Set Up a Timeshare?

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Created by DeathByCupcakes

Tirek Meets His Match!

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Created by MasterGraveheart

The Never Ending Argument

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Created by drackon345

Those Were The

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Created by TukkunInaka ( Via derpibooru )

Attack Tirek With Brooms

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Created by DeathByCupcakes ( Via toonicorn )

That's What You Get For Coming On a Wednesday Afternoon

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Created by pixarpal95

Lady Tirek

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Via theshadowstone

MLP Logic: It's Already The Second Episode!

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Created by Glowing Friendship Eyes

They're Worth All My Magic

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Created by Unknown

At First I Thought It Was A Joke

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Created by that_cool_nerd_js

Iron Centaur Just Doesn't Fit The Meter

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Created by Sephiroth1993