My Little Brony



christmas hearths-warming-eve a hearth's warming tail derpy hooves screencap - 9579497216
By Mothcelium (Via Crowley)

It's Tradition

christmas yaks hearths-warming-eve sintakhra sandbar yona - 9577614848
By Mothcelium (Via Sintakhra)

Action Figures

christmas applejack hearths-warming-eve bob the dalek starlight glimmer twilight sparkle pinkie pie rarity fluttershy rainbow dash - 9577256960
By Mothcelium (Via Bob the Dalek)

More Like Barfswarming Eve

dragon christmas hearths-warming-eve tj pones smolder - 9252161792
Via TJ Pones

That Wonderful Feeling

christmas hearths-warming-eve artik fluttershy changelings - 9251775488
Via Artik

You Have Been Visited by the Hearth's Warming Yak of Halloween

christmas yaks hearths-warming-eve halloween screencap animated yona best gift ever - 9251777280
Via Derpibooru

The Real Best Gift Ever

christmas hearths-warming-eve twilight sparkle screencap pinkie pie best gift ever - 9249678080
By Unknown

For the Mare that Loves Everything

christmas hearths-warming-eve discord winterchilla bj dazzle comic fluttershy best gift ever rainbow dash - 9249681152
Via BJ Dazzle

Spend Time with Friends

boulder christmas hearths-warming-eve the great yakoshi maud pie - 9248665856
Via The Great Yakoshi

Merry Hearth's Warming, B*tches!

christmas hearths-warming-eve cozy glow - 9244455168
By Niri_42

Holiday Hug (read description please)

spike christmas applejack hearths-warming-eve discord princess cadence flurry heart twilight sparkle screencap shining armor winterchilla pinkie pie rarity rainbow dash - 9230766080

Y'all a Bit Early, Ain'tcha?

wizard of oz christmas applejack hearths-warming-eve halloween m kogwheel best gift ever - 9230763008
Via M Kogwheel


christmas hearths-warming-eve alumx princess luna princess celestia - 9108658688
Via Alumx

Hope Ya Like 'Em, Darlin'

typhwosion christmas applejack hearths-warming-eve fun pictures of ponies rainbow dash - 9108658944
Via Fun Pictures of Ponies

Merry Pony Christmas

christmas starswirl the bearded hearths-warming-eve anime derpy hooves ponify comic threetwotwo32232 - 9108659968
Via threetwotwo32232

All I Want for Christmas

christmas hearths-warming-eve yakoshi rainbow dash - 9108660224
Via Yakoshi
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