My Little Brony



shipping christmas applejack hearths-warming-eve twitter equestria girls rarity sunset shimmer - 9101740288
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Setting up Decorations

christmas hearths-warming-eve twilight sparkle Hasbro jumble horse - 9101740544
Via Jumble Horse

I See Some of You Don't Have Holiday Avatars...

christmas tempest shadow hearths-warming-eve twilight sparkle brisineo - 9101569792
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christmas hearths-warming-eve bob the dalek vinyl scratch dj PON-3 octavia - 9101421824
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wicked silly christmas hearths-warming-eve OC SOON animated - 9101122560
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Music hearths-warming-eve jyc row a hearth's warming tail princess luna - 86117121

Most Epic "Luna's Future" Remix So Far!

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Disappearing Dolls

the great and powerful trixie hearths-warming-eve sunburst starlight glimmer comic - 9000138496
Via Bob the Dalek
applejack hearths-warming-eve a hearth's warming tail starlight glimmer pinkie pie princess luna windigo - 84508929

Saving Christmas

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A Little Too Forward

comic christmas fluttershy pinkie pie twilight sparkle hearths-warming-eve - 8999229696
By Sydriosis (Via Jittery the Dragon)

Wan' Some Candy?

candy christmas hearths-warming-eve twilight sparkle - 8998476032
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Have a FUN Hearth's Warming!

christmas hearths-warming-eve pinkie pie - 8997881088
By OFC_operator (Via Umeguru)
christmas hearths-warming-eve OC lego animation - 84391681

Merry Christmas Everypony!

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Deer Princess Celestia

christmas hearths-warming-eve puns princess luna princess celestia - 8997983744
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Sleep Tight, Little Usurper

christmas the great and powerful trixie hearths-warming-eve - 8997984000
Via Atane [NSFW]

*Bat Bat Bat*

christmas hearths-warming-eve derpy hooves acting like animals - 8997984256
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Just in Time

christmas hearths-warming-eve pinkie pie - 8997984768
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