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For the Dudes

Explains It All

For the Dudes friendship is magic graph graphjam history - 5105335552
Created by Dragonkittycat

Tell 'Em Dash!

best of week fanfiction For the Dudes innuendo rainbow dash - 5143792384
Created by ParanoidPenguin

There's Hope for Spike

donkey For the Dudes shrek spike - 5120533760
Created by Rainbow_Dash_The_Awesome

Friendship with Benefits

For the Dudes more than friends rainbow dash - 5103113216
Created by Shado85

This Here Be Pony Country

For the Dudes IRL Movie - 5082248960
Created by prisemaster

Reframe: Run, Celestia, Run!

best of week For the Dudes magic princess celestia tea - 5134959360
Created by king_of_no_one

Brushie Brushie Teh Applejack

applejack Big Macintosh For the Dudes sing song toy - 5132602624
Created by Unknown

Your Average Brony

best of week dude For the Dudes pet twilight sparkle - 5129790976
Created by Unknown
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