My Little Brony

For the Dudes

Going Akimbo

For the Dudes luna - 5493478144
Created by prophetwargo123456789

Fandom Base: Who Would You Clop To?

awesome cosplay fans For the Dudes girls ponies - 5443090176
Created by Unknown

What's On Our Minds

For the Dudes pinkie pie ponies rage comic - 5433725952
Created by Unknown

But Those Little Butterflies...

best of week butterflies fluttershy For the Dudes Skyrim Videogames - 5434786048
Created by DanGoRawr

Jesus the Pony

awesome crossover For the Dudes jesus the big lebowski - 5427074304
Created by BronyA

It Happened! Skyrim Is 20 Percent Cooler!

20 Percent Cooler awesome best of week elder scrolls For the Dudes Skyrim video games - 5427191040
Created by cussick

HAHA! Time for Ponies!

For the Dudes haha pinkie pie playstation time for ponies - 5374063872
Created by Frazer_Hanz_Richardson

Fandom Base: Clopjobs, Anyone?

best of week Bronies cosplay For the Dudes mane six ponies - 5382268672
Created by Unknown

An Accurate Representation

4chan best of week Bronies For the Dudes stand back unite - 5375576320
Created by Unknown

Na Na Na Na Na Na Brony!

batman best of week For the Dudes friendship my little pony Theme Song - 5366382848
Created by famardy

Coming Out of the Brony Closet

best of week For the Dudes youtube - 5289886464
Via my heart is out of tune

Spike Is Disappointed

best of week clone For the Dudes secret spike twilight sparkle - 5291714304
Created by prophetwargo123456789

Guess How Much Cooler Gaming Just Got?

20 Percent Cooler For the Dudes gaming rainbow dash video games xbox - 5279555072
Created by P0lar8ear

Metal Bronies

best of week For the Dudes metal Music winter wrap up - 5254574080
Created by SweetSnickerz

Applejack Changed His Mind

applejack dreams For the Dudes mind rarity spike - 5240377344
Created by lrregular

Pinkie Breaks the 4th Wall to Stop the Clopping

clopping computer For the Dudes pinkie pie Rule 34 - 5215703808
Created by ParanoidPenguin