The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

I'm King Ezekiel. Welcome to The Kingdom.

twd ezekiel pets cosplay
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This Baby Negan Brings New Meaning To "Pee Pee Pants City"

this baby negan brings a new meaning to pee pee pants city
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Michael Cudlitz Says Goodbye to His Fans From The Walking Dead

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Rick Grimes' Evolution of Fucks

rick grimes evolution of fucks
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Homer Is All of Us

homer is all of us
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Makeup Artist Uses Some Kind of Dark Magic to Transform Herself Into Negan From The Walking Dead

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We Have Some Bad News

sir we have some bad news
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Eh, Mostly Hate

eh mostly hate
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Watching Michael Cudlitz Tell Jeffrey Dean Morgan To "Suck His Nuts" IRL Should Make You Happy

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Have a Laugh With Negan in Our Season 7 Premiere Roundup

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What Did You Do, Daryl?

what did you do daryl
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Hopefully You Handled the Recent Deaths on The Walking Dead Better Than This Girl

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Why Didn't We Listen!?

why didnt we listen
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Don't Ever Take Advice From George R.R. Martin

dont ever take advice from george rr martin
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No One on Twitter Was Okay After Watching That Horrifying Walking Dead Premiere

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Cool! Now Smash It.

cool now smash it
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