The Walking Dead

the governor

Sad Moreno

hershel greene gif the governor - 7935773440
Created by jdunn228

Tanks A Lot

michonne the governor - 7989480960

For the Governor

the governor shoes Barbie creepy - 8050936576
Created by jared.harris.1420

Nick Fury Totally Looks Like Philip Blake

the governor The Walking Dead totally looks like - 7220306944

Axel Foley Is Confused

the governor - 7906658048
Created by Unknown

The Governor Is Pretty Sensitive About It

the governor - 8026710016
Via Dead Thread

Isn't Love Grand

just girly things the governor The Walking Dead - 8113335040
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Dem Governor Feels

the governor The Walking Dead - 7910322176

Bow Down Before My Facial Hair

the governor The Walking Dead - 7858125568

He's Here For Spaghetti Tuesday

the governor The Walking Dead - 7895680768
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This Is How You Parenting

the governor parenting lizzie is crazy - 8109721600
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I'm Taking My Town And I'm Going Home

the governor - 7965899008

One Eye Bri

the governor The Walking Dead - 7952486400
Created by Blairstoise ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Now That's Too Far

the governor michonne The Walking Dead - 7851445760

A Master Ball Handler

the governor gifs - 8404485632
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An Uplifting Shot To The Heart

mashup the governor - 7984816128
Via The Dead Are Walking
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