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Daryl's Character Arc

Meme from The Walking Dead showing the arc of Daryl Dixon's character over the seasons.
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Daryl's Actions in the Mid-Season Finale Could Mean Disaster For Everyone

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50 Shades of Daryl

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What Did You Do, Daryl?

what did you do daryl
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Daryl Can't Even

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Even Butchers Love Daryl

even butchers love daryl
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Take a Look Back at the Career of Norman Reedus

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The Internet Was Not Buying That Whole Daryl Can't Drive a Stick Thing

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Reunited at Last

daryl gets his bike back
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We Will Go Down With This Ship

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Where's His Tiny Motorcycle?

walking dead daryl as a cat
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The Man Has Needs!

what daryl cant live without
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Seems Fair

daryl no bike
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Daryl Must Be an R.E.M. Fan

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You're Screwed

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Daryl Dixon, Redneck God of Desire

meme classic painting of cupid as a baby angel shooting a bow and arrow, daryl dixon from the walking dead aiming a crossbow.
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