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System Update Required: Gamers Vent Their Frustration After Trying to Play Their New Consoles

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Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Coming to PS4

Via Kingdom Hearts

Playstation 4 is Getting a Permanent North America Price Drop

Sony announces a playstation 4 price drop.
Via Kotaku

Here are Your Free Playstation Plus Games for October

October free Playstation Plus games include Broken Age and Super Meat Boy
Via Playstation Blog

Playstation 4 3.00 Update Will Hit Consoles Tomorrow with New Sharing Options, PS Plus Section

streaming PlayStation 4 Video Game Coverage - 8570144512
Via Playstation Blog

Sorry Last-Gen, Black Ops 3 Won't Have a Campaign Mode

Black ops 3 will only have multiplayer on last generation consoles.
Via Activision

Sony Announced New Playstation 4 Controller Colors at the Tokyo Game Show

New Playstation 4 controller colors are coming from Sony.
Via Polygon
Sony PlayStation 4 bloodborne Video Game Coverage - 74292993

Bloodborne's First Expansion, The Old Hunters, Gets a Dark and Haunting Trailer

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Here's Your Free Playstation Plus Games for September

Sony announces playstation plus games for September.
Via The Playstation Blog

Florida of the Day: Man Tries to Steal Playstation 4 in Pants. Surprisingly Gets Caught.

Man arrested for trying to steal a playstation 4 in his pants.
Via offthebeat

Playstation 4's New Firmware Will Finally Bring YouTube Broadcasting Among Other Things

YouTube broadcasting will come to PS4 with the new firmware.
Via Polygon
street fighter v Sony PlayStation 4 Video Game Coverage - 73233665

Don't Claw It a Come Back — Sony Reveals Vega Will Return in Street Fighter V

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Playstation Plus Owners Will Soon Be Able to Vote on Their Free Monthly Games

Sony will let Playstation Plus people vote on the next month's games
Via Official Playstation Blog
Ubisoft PC wii U PlayStation 4 xbox one Video Game Coverage - 73157377

Ubisoft Will Bring Zombi U to Other Consoles Because There Aren't Enough Zombie Games

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wtf awesome PlayStation 4 batman Video Game Coverage - 70291201

Want a Batman Themed PS4?

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witcher 3 trailers PlayStation 4 Video Video Game Coverage - 69913345

Witcher 3 Sword of Destiny Trailer

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