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The status of Nostalrius, the fan maintained Vanilla WoW server has been a point of contention between Blizzard and fans. Especially so after Blizzard shut the server down at the beginning of this year. In a show of good faith the Blizzard development team met with the founders of the server.

Since, Blizzard has not provided any plans to come forth with a server of their own. A move that would likely be successful given the success of legacy servers in other games, such as Runescape. Blizzard has stated that "They [Legacy Servers] are something we're taking seriously". Yesterday, following a disappointing silence on the matter from the publisher at Blizzcon, Nostalrius announced their plans to revive the server, calling for a "Legacy community reunification."

The plan is to release the Nostalrius source code to another existing Vanilla server, Elysium, and effectively combine the two communities. The idea being that a unified community might force Blizzard's hand.

We'd love to see Blizzard embrace the Legacy community, but until that time best of luck to those fighting the good fight.

Lok'Tar Ogar! Victory or death.