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Lisa Simpson presentation meme about how CPR is just like the human version of blowing hard on the video game cartridge when it isn't working right.
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How Light Pens and Light Guns Work

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People Are Upset Over Super Mario Run. Let's Just Say Our Paywall is Not in Another Castle.

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Jimmy Fallon Debuts the Nintendo Switch

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Life in the Ruins

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Nintendo Unveils Its Plan For Attractions Coming to Universal Studios

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Today Shigeru Miyamoto Turns 64. Happy Birthday Miyamoto!

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Nintendo President Confused After Poor Switch Reception

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Pokémon GO! Has Been out Less than a Month, and It's Already Inspired Dating Apps Like These

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Nintendo's First Mobile Exploit Is an Addictive Social Experience That Hits the West Thursday

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Players Found the Closest Thing to Wavedashing in Smash Bros. 4

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Either Somebody's Gettin' Canned For Leaking These New Pretty Shots of the NX Controller, or This Is Just Evil Trickery

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Nintendo Knocked Off the List of the World's Top Brands for the First Time

The list of the world's top brands no longer includes Nintendo
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Star Fox Zero Gets Delayed into 2016

Shigeru Miyamoto says Star Fox Zero is delayed on a facebook post.
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Super Smash Bros. Will Get a Super Mario Maker Stage

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Anniversary of the Day: Super Mario Bros. Turns 30, You're Old

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