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Irrational Games, the Maker of BioShock, is Shutting Down

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The Year of Luigi is Ending One Month From Today

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Via Nintendo Miiverse

Check Out Steam Tags, a Boring Thing That Should Have Been Done Years Ago

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Does This Mean the Year of Luigi is Really Over?

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Investors Want Microsoft to Kill Xbox

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Via Washington Post

Borderlands Two Getting Two New DLC

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PS4's Getting a New Wireless Headset, System Update

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Nintendo Denies Reports That It's Offering Games on Smartphones

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Microsoft Studios Now Owns Gears of War

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Alienware Clarifies: You CAN Mod the Steam Machine, Just Not Easily

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Via Eurogamer

Alienware Wants You to Give Them Your Money, Every Year

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Are You Ready for Part One of Broken Age?

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The Elder Scrolls Online Set for $60 Upfront, $15 Monthly Subscription Fee

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Via cbcnews

Game Informer Has the Details on All Fourteen of the New Steam Machines

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Sony Announces PlayStation Now at CES 2014

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Evolve is on the February Cover of Game Informer

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