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Dark Souls 3 Beta signups are live for an October stress test.
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Fans of the Dark Souls series can get a chance to play the next game in the series early.

Bandai Namco has launched a website so those wanting to take part in an October beta can sign up for the lottery to take part.

The website's FAQ offers more detailed information about what the beta will contain.

The publisher is calling it a 'stress test' to determine the amount of resources it would take to have a successful launch that handles the high number of simultaneous players.

Testers will get a chance to play the game ahead of release, and in exchange, we have them help us with the assorted evaluation tests that we run. The goal is to have testers help us create a better game by reporting the bugs and errors they discover as they play.

...The test uses in-progress game data in order to discover bugs and errors. As a result, testers should expect to run into bugs as they play, and the game may not be fully playable at all times.

...The Network Stress Test uses a subset of the functionality that'll be available in the final game. Some parts of it may differ from the retail version, however.

You only have to be 18, have a Playstation 4 and be an online member of Playstation Plus to enter the lottery.

If you're chosen, you will receive an email notification about your participation on Oct. 12 or 13.

Register for the Dark Souls 3 beta here.

The game is expected to be released next April in North America.

Via Xbox
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Microsoft first pulled back the rotten, diseased curtain of Dark Souls 3 at E3 with a teaser trailer.

It did one better at Gamescome, highlighting the gameplay we can expect from the next miserable death-fest created by From Software.

It looks like a Dark Souls game.

And that is wonderful.

The movement speed seems slightly increased, which is probably an evolution off the studio's most recent game, the fantastic Bloodborne.

It also looks like the giants are back...

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The video linked in the above (now deleted) tweet from Bandai Namco UK is currently private, but with any luck the official announcement will happen soon.