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Yu Gi Oh

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Come Forth, Vennominaga

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I Have a Very Particular Set of Cards

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By Unknown
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A Vulgar Yugi Has No Need for the Heart of the Cards to Win This Ridiculous Duel

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It's Time to Ch-ch-ch-check my iPhone

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Via thejuandotcom

Attention Duelists! My Hair Defies Gravity!

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By stupidwizard (Via ex-shadow)

Lord of the Cards

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By memefield

All the Millennium Mega Stones

Pokémon may Yu Gi Oh - 8399893760
By gorillatamer

But They Were So Hard To Get...

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By rainbugs

Dark Magician Girl

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By Unknown
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Red Eyes Black Dragon

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Rare Hunter

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By melliemoo2 (Via setsunamew)

It's Time to Rap Battle

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Via sonofasphinx

Generation Five Is So Original

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By Drawer

Don't Touch My Sister

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By Sosuke

Brace Yourselves: Another Yu-Gi-Oh! Series is Coming

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By Sephiroth1993

Dark Bakura

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By ThiefBakura