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Kitty Pryde the Trekkie

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Poor Thunderbird

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The Most Evil Thing

off the page x men avengers - 7216178432
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Channing Tatum's Gambit Will Debut in X-Men: Apocalypse

x men channing tatum casting news - 8185191168
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A Simple Decision

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Only Wolverine Knows Wolverine

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Steal ALL the Powers!

jerk kid rogue Super-Lols x men - 5454613248
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That's Why No One Likes Mutants

jerks mutants Super-Lols x men - 5782146048
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Bad Fanfic Friday: Twilight/xmen crossover

bad fanfic friday crossover It Came From the Interwebz twilight x men - 5950019328
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The Original X-Men

marvel cosplay x men sdcc 2013 - 7675314176
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Scent of Mutant

cologne Random Heroics x men - 5076597504
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I'll Spin You Right Round Baby

gif x men professor x - 7824525824
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Magneto professor x x men - 61168385

Professor X Wants a Better Arch-Nemesis

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One Sexy Gambit

art x men gambit amazing - 6789089280
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spoof x men - 69171713

Wes Anderson's "X-Men"

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Yeah, X-Men 1963

cool x men cyclops - 6766116608
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