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What Are You Doing Ducklett?

wtf gifs anime ducklett - 7625492992
By Unknown

Have Some Fun With Miku!

wtf gifs Fan Art Hatsune Miku - 7124239104
Via junkpuyo

Turn Kirby into a Raging Fire Ball

one flaming kirby
Via Kotaku

It's a Trap!

age Pokémon wtf - 8421937408
Via BeamRifle

Holy Pose!

wtf Cats - 8405833216
By Unknown

Booster's Glorious Booty

booster gold booty Straight off the Straight off the Page wtf - 6492237056
By hachan

Preferably in the "Back Room."

ironman Sexy Ladies Super-Lols wtf - 5812471040
See all captions By Skidmarker

Is it Pre-Marital?

bad idea sexy times Straight off the Page wtf - 5876291328
By AlexEx

Old Timey Wolvie

hair old timey Superhero IRL wolverine wtf - 4975625472
By MauritoSoloa

Pucker Up, Baby!

wtf gifs kamen rider - 7687831808
By Sosuke

Thor Has Strange Practice Sessions

hulk The Movies Thor wtf - 6300690432
By Unknown
assemble avengers horrible Music Random Heroics Video wtf - 37460225

Start Assembling

View Video


wtf anime memefield pls - 8380396800
By memefield


drunk Random Heroics superman wtf - 5220376832
By maxystone

Make it Stop

Sad kill me wtf - 6945811200
By pixarpal95

What are You Trying to Achieve?

bewbees wtf anime - 8368549632
By tamaleknight
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