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Funny geek graph of video games compared.
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Always at the worst time...

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Bethesda and Blizzard:

world of warcraft Skyrim - 9001004288
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"Hunter Pls"

world of warcraft - 8999124992
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Rogue Won

world of warcraft hearthstone - 8999124480
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Damn Blood DK's

world of warcraft - 8999123968
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A PvPer is Born

world of warcraft - 8999124224
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Amazing Jaina Proudmore Cosplay

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Good Ol' LFR

world of warcraft - 8999124736
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"Still in Combat"

world of warcraft video games Skyrim - 8998424064
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Time For a 'New' Cataclysm?

world of warcraft - 8996924416
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Lookin Good

world of warcraft - 8996515840
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Night Elf

world of warcraft - 8996504064
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My Experience Playing WoW

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