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What a Strapping Young Lad

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This Title's the Wurst

animation food funny wordplay - 8969133568
By Unknown

This Is Just Dreddful

comics superheroes funny wordplay - 8804071424
By tamaleknight

Time Is of the Essence Man, Let's Go!

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That Feeling When You Hit Rock Bottom...

funny wordplay web comics - 8802801664
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Too Meta for Words

meta Pokémon metagross wordplay - 8250940160
By Houndoom-Kaboom

About as Sneaky as a Belled Cow

comics funny wordplay - 8981985024
By tamaleknight

Poor Dude's on the Espresso Lane to a Life of Consistent Unemployment

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Good Idea, Bad Idea

applejack apple bloom wordplay - 7570173696
By peanadoi

Spike's Day in a Nutshell

comics dragon sleep spike wordplay - 5887426304
By RedHawk247

A Whole New Word

derp girls the internets wordplay - 6049472256
By Unknown

It All Makes Sense Now!

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Better Get Squirtle Over Here

Pokémon fire wordplay - 7256975360
By Unknown

Seeing His "Mug Shot"

kikis-delivery-service anime Cats funny wordplay - 8802656768
By Mamalugia

The Pokémon Anime Loves Wordplay and Puns

Pokémon anime puns wordplay - 8106425600
Via iamshadowthehedgehog

Say It, Don't Spray It

DC superheroes funny wordplay - 8823115520
By tamaleknight