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20 Relatable Memes for PC Gamers & Computer Geeks

Memes for people who have a love/hate relationship with their PC
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Funny dank memes about the discontinuation of Microsoft's operating system Windows 7 | meme heaven numerous characters from popular culture princess diana, elvis presley, tupac, bob ross, princess leia, harambe saying Come, join us to the windows 7 logo. woody from toy story so long partner.

Dank Memers Mourn The Loss Of The Beloved Windows 7

At least we get memes out of this.
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Joke Does Not Compute

applejack apple bloom windows puns Big Macintosh - 9001396736
Via Ask Pun

This Has to Be the Biggest Windows Blue Screen of Death There Ever Was

Via Geek

This Just in from the Windows Store!

Via willdapod

Woman Sues Microsoft over Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade, and She Just Won $10,000

Via The Seattle Times
FAIL Video Game Coverage windows video games - 80359425

Guy Playing Counter-Strike Is Smacked with a Windows 10 Updates Install Mid-Game and Shows Us What a Crushed Soul Looks Like

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technology windows video games xbox one - 80164865

Watch an Xbox One Boot a Windows 95 and Run Duke Nukem 3D in the Ultimate Display of Backwards Compatibility

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Best Error

windows pinkie pie - 8753981440
Created by zaboomafoo2
animation ponify twilight sparkle windows - 68240129

The Operating System of Your Nightmares

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No, I Do Not Want To Send a Report

windows exe rainbow dash - 8172218880
Created by maorows

Rarity is Best Window

art IRL rarity windows - 7304675584
Created by Piruru ( Via miss-vicki-vicki )

Applejack Looks Fascinated Outside Her Window

applejack gifs windows - 7141232128
Created by Herb1990

This Needs to Be an Option

windows hnng rainbow dash - 7103056896
Created by Unknown

With Windows Everything is Possible

comics windows pinkie pie - 6836774144
Created by MikuHatsune

Blue Screen of Derp

derpy hooves I just don't know what we i-just-dont-know-what-went-wrong the internets windows - 6331403264
Created by Defender_of_5
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