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'Scuse Me!

4th wall computer derpy hooves ponies windows - 5132726784
Created by Unknown

Cold Hearted Pony

applejack computer ponies twilight sparkle windows - 5133934336
Created by LexiaFira

This Needs to Be an Option

windows hnng rainbow dash - 7103056896
Created by Unknown

Woman Sues Microsoft over Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade, and She Just Won $10,000

Via The Seattle Times

Can't Get Away From Pinkie

4th wall best of week gifs pinkie pie ponies windows - 5247158784
Created by Bendyrulz
technology windows video games xbox one - 80164865

Watch an Xbox One Boot a Windows 95 and Run Duke Nukem 3D in the Ultimate Display of Backwards Compatibility

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Funny dank memes about the discontinuation of Microsoft's operating system Windows 7 | meme heaven numerous characters from popular culture princess diana, elvis presley, tupac, bob ross, princess leia, harambe saying Come, join us to the windows 7 logo. woody from toy story so long partner.

Dank Memers Mourn The Loss Of The Beloved Windows 7

At least we get memes out of this.
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FAIL Video Game Coverage windows video games - 80359425

Guy Playing Counter-Strike Is Smacked with a Windows 10 Updates Install Mid-Game and Shows Us What a Crushed Soul Looks Like

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This Has to Be the Biggest Windows Blue Screen of Death There Ever Was

Via Geek
animation ponify twilight sparkle windows - 68240129

The Operating System of Your Nightmares

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This Just in from the Windows Store!

Via willdapod

Applejack Looks Fascinated Outside Her Window

applejack gifs windows - 7141232128
Created by Herb1990

Blue Screen of Derp

derpy hooves I just don't know what we i-just-dont-know-what-went-wrong the internets windows - 6331403264
Created by Defender_of_5

Best Error

windows pinkie pie - 8753981440
Created by zaboomafoo2

An Error Occurred

blue screen of death ponies Sweetie Belle windows - 5398723328
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

With Windows Everything is Possible

comics windows pinkie pie - 6836774144
Created by MikuHatsune
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