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You Can't Take the Sky From Me

Fan Art Firefly scifi whedonverse - 6269923840
By Serrena (Via superpunch)

TDW Geek: Nerd Alert! Whedon Signed For Avengers 2, Marvel TV Series

Joss Whedon marvel movies The Avengers whedonverse - 6491761152
By Unknown

Do You Recognize It All Covered In Bodies?

Firefly model Movie serenity whedonverse - 5649160960
Via Quantum Mechanix

The Status is Not Quo

dr horrible musicals whedonverse - 6583871232
By tardis53 (Via Red Bubble)

Buffy the 8-Bit Slayer

8 bit Buffy Fan Art whedonverse - 5876019712
By thesignpainter (Via Zac Gorman)

I Never Liked You, Angel

Buffy doctor horrible Fan Art Firefly nathan fillion nph whedonverse - 5387164416
Via ~Taaroko

Take Me Sir, Take Me Hard

best of week cosplay Firefly whedonverse - 6031597824
Via TsukiNoBara

But I Thought the Hammer Was...

dr horrible Fan Art nph whedonverse - 5420162560
Via Oune

The Reward is Totally Worth It

dr horrible Fan Art whedonverse - 6000951808
Via ThinkGeek

Say, Look at the Fluffy one!

cosplay whedonverse - 5500970496
Via Christa J Newman

Now That's a Dive

Buffy Buffy The Vampir Buffy the Vampire Slayer gifs London 2012 olympics whedonverse - 6488440320
By Unknown

Watch How I Soar

fandom Firefly It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz scifi serenity whedonverse - 6470163456
By Unknown
Firefly SDCC Video whedonverse - 39727361

You Can't Take the Fans From Me

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They Got the Mustard Out

Buffy the Vampire Slayer cake Fan Art whedonverse - 6138586368
Via Geek Mom

A PhD in Horribleness

best of week doctor horrible Fan Art nph whedonverse - 5830031872
By Moist (Via

His Modus Operandi

Joss Whedon whedonverse - 7946869248
By Unknown
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