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Lets Get Wed in Westeros

Game of Thrones weddings - 7677074688
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Seriously? Do You Know What I've Been Through?!

Lord of the Rings rings weddings - 7732942080
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scifi tardis doctor who weddings - 7496178432
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Someone's Clearly Not a Fan of the Show

FAIL weddings red wedding - 8124291584
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The Man Can Sure Plan a Dinner Menu

grrm Game of Thrones purple wedding red wedding weddings - 8166253312
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Meanwhile in France

russia Bronies IRL cars weddings - 7376162560
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batman nerds Video weddings - 56795905

This Wedding Gets Crashed in the Best Way Possible

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They Don't Call It 'Red' for Nothing

red wedding hbo Game of Thrones weddings - 7533704960
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Twilight is Getting Impatient

royal baby twilight sparkle weddings - 7688241152
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geeks video games weddings - 271365

Everyone Just Give Up Now: ThIs Couple Wins the Geekiest Wedding Award

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videos doctor who weddings - 47085057

If This Doctor Who Inspired Wedding Doesn't Give You Feels, You Have No Soul

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Make It So, Number One

Star Trek weddings - 7145430784
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'Frey'd Not

Game of Thrones spoilers TV weddings - 7533259264
By AlexanderWinterfell
video games weddings Video - 48761089

Need a Geeky Way to Propose?

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Do You Take This Man to be the Lawfully Wedded Husband You Deserve?

superheroes batman weddings - 7514449408
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Epic Engagement Announcement Is Epic

legend of zelda video games weddings - 7866939136
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