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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.

The Great Outdoors

gamers outside web comics - 8180347648
Via Invisible Bread

When You Think About It, Catching Wild Pokémon is Really Messed Up

pokemon memes dorkly wild pokemon fight
Via Dorkly


web comics batman v superman wait
Via batsbr

Luna's Cheer Practice Takes a Turn

princess luna fluttershy web comics - 8105330176
Via grievousfan

Wouldst a Sword to the Frickin Face Hurt?

Via poorlydrawnlines

Daenerys and Her Disappearing Horse Trick

daenerys and her disappearing horse trick
Via Wooden Plank Studios

The Dawn of Humankind's Greatest Creation Is upon Us

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pokemon memes reunited with latias
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Things Have a Way of Getting Interesting When You Explain Anime Plots Stupidly

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With Your Imagination You Can Do Anything!

web comics With Your Imagination You Can Do Anything!
Via Jim Benton

The Truth About Whovians

12th Doctor web comics - 8299966464
Via Real Life Comics

What Really Happens When You Cancel an Evolution

Pokémon evolution web comics - 8113280000
Via HotDanxx

Lyra: Defender of The Universe

lyra heartstrings bon bon web comics - 8289793536
Via rndfax

I'm Not Entirely Convinced That This Isn't Just Steven Universe in a Mario Costume

steven universe Super Mario bros web comics - 8768355072
Created by MoDude117

Some Bonds are Forever

pokemon memes love never dies
Via kotor comics

This Web Comic Hilariously Explains Different Gameplay Experiences Using Combat Mechanics

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